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MilkyWan - AS2027

MilkyWan (AS2027, formerly known as AS57199) is an non-profit ISP providing broadband and FTTx access in France.
We also provide LIR Services and IP transit on our net-neutral, IPv6-ready national network.

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We have an open peering policy.
We also peer with the route servers of all the IXPs where we are present.
Our AS-SET is AS-MILKYWAN and ASN is 2027


  • Peering :
  • Network Operation Center :
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IXP IPv4 IPv6 Speed
France-IX Paris 2001:7f8:54::27 10Gbps
France-IX Paris 2001:7f8:54::235 10Gbps
France-IX Toulouse 2001:7f8:54:7::11 2Gbps
France-IX Marseille 2001:7f8:54:5::24 10Gbps
BreizhIX 2001:7f8:b1::17 10Gbps
LillIX 2001:7f8:6d::5:7199:1 10Gbps
LyonIX 2001:7f8:47:47::84 10Gbps
LyonIX 2001:7f8:47:47::85 10Gbps

Points of Presence :

Name City
AppliWave CBO Croissy Beaubourg
Telehouse Paris 2 (TH2) Paris, blvd. Voltaire
CIV Alternative Datacenter Sainghin-en-Mélantois
Cogent Rennes Rennes
Cogent Toulouse Toulouse
Maxnod Saint Trivier sur Moignans
DC2Scale Velizy Vélizy-Villacoublay
hosTELyon Lyon
Scaleway Datacenter - DC2 Vitry-sur-Seine
Scaleway Datacenter - DC3 Vitry-sur-Seine
SFR Netcenter Lyon-Venissieux Vénissieux